Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Life as a photog

What a time it has been for me. This year has started on a really bad not with have a very sick dog and having to put her down. I can't really think of anything as gut wrenching as that is. Thank goodness for friends and family.

However, on a better note, i was kept very busy and had little time to think about my personal problems with my studio. I now have full studio and on location capabilities to produce some of the must beautiful portraits I have ever done.

This is a portrait of my cousin's grandson, Joseph Ruiz, (That should keep you genealogy people busy for a minute!) I offered to do a high school senior portrait for him showing his interest in sports (Baseball).

He is a talented young man and has a very bright future ahead of him. The day was fill with fun and for me getting to know him as I had not ever met him before! My cousin (his grandmother) and I were close when we were kids but have grown apart since high school.

I can see a lot of her in him and even his behavior. We had a great time connecting together and I caught up on the end of the family. I found that I really enjoy making portraits like this and look forward to doing more for the 2016 class. Have a look at this and please leave me feedback on what you think!

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