Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don’t Forget the Flowers!

Flowers are a very important part of the wedding.  They add accents of color, sweet aroma and feelings of delicacy and intimacy to your big day.  Springtime sprouts are emerging, and beautiful blooms are adorning the landscapes.  It is the perfect time to get out and get inspired by the beauties that surround us!

Some brides put the flowers off until the last minute when planning their wedding.  You should try not to do this, for a couple reasons.  First, the flowers will be cheaper if you give the florist enough time to get the order together.  Second, picking flowers last minute will make you rush through the decision, and you might not end up with the flowers that you want.  Floral arrangements are more than just pretty plants to look at . . . they have meaning.  The flowers you choose for your special day should represent you and your sweetheart as individuals, as well as the couple you have become.  Each flower symbolizes a little part of your relationship, and your choice of flowers should express the deep and profound love that you have for each other.

If you are having trouble finding inspiration, just get outside and look around you!  The world is full of natural beauties that are right before our eyes (we just have to look!).  A wonderful place to discover many species of flowers is the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens (  This is the perfect place to get in touch with the nature that surrounds us.  You will find countless flowers of every color that light up the landscape.  Take the opportunity to discover the flowers that suit you and your love the best.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer to take photos of the flora.  These photos will accentuate the intricate beauty that the flowers bring to your wedding.  They will outline the intensity of your love, and the bond that lives between you and your husband.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Connecting Through Photography

Photography has a way of connecting us all.  It is a unique and creative form of storytelling.  A photo can tell the story of many different things.  Even though we may not always realize it, animals have their own stories to tell, too.  I recently watched a TED Talk video by David Griffin (, about how photography connects us.  In his presentation, he talks about how each photo has its own story, and, in many cases, is a small part of a much bigger story.  It’s a really great video that I recommend taking a few minutes to view

Griffin tells the story of Nick Nichols, a photographer who documented a very small wildlife sanctuary in Chad.  The main focus of his photography was the herd of elephants that inhabit this region.  Through photography, Nichols was able to tell the story of these beautiful creatures.  He followed the herd as it moved across the landscape.  The photographs not only reveal the personalities of these animals, but also the struggles they endure out in the wild.

Photographer Paul Nicklin is also mentioned in this video.  He ventured to Antarctica to photograph one of the most dangerous predators in the sea, the leopard seal.  Not much is known about these creatures, but, as David Griffin explains, Nicklin was able to get insight on the leopard seal.  One female seal, in particular, was very friendly and showed him her bubbly personality.  A vision into her true being is given through the photographs.

So, we can see that photography really is a portal into the stories, characteristics, and personalities of all life on earth.  Just think about your pets . . . what stories do they have to tell?  Don’t be afraid to take snapshots of your animals . . . they are part of the family, too!  Keep in mind that we specialize in pet photography and would love to capture the true nature of your beloved animals!  Pet portraits can tell a personal story and will be mementos to cherish for years to come.

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